Maintenance & Repair


Power Flushing Blackheath 5Leaks should never be ignored and can cause major destruction and disturbance to a property and family life. Act quickly to save money and time by getting your leak fixed promptly. Our skilled engineers will be able to detect and fix even the most obscure leak.


Call Bexley Plumbing Tel: 0203 793 8337 if you have :

  • Wet floors reoccurring
  • Brown or discoloured water
  • Low water pressure
  • Spots of discolouring on floors, walls or ceilings
  • Higher water bill


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Burst pipes

Freezing temperatures can cause water in your pipes to freeze and expand. This could lead to a burst pipe.
All piping copper, plastic, lead or iron are affected this way.
Prevention is always the best policy, as burst pipes can cause untold damage to your home.

Bexley Plumbing, Tel: 0203 793 8337, can insulate your pipes and protect your property from damage.’





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Blocked Appliances

Sinks, toilets, baths, showers, waste pipes etc. can sometimes get blocked .
This is a complicated and unhygienic task to rectify, but at Bexley Plumbing we have specialised tools and
equipment which will effectively unblock your appliances.







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Boiler Repair and Servicing

WARNING: Only a Gas Safe engineer should ever work on your boiler. Under no circumstances should you attempt to repair your boiler yourself.


Bexley Plumbing  offers a safe, professional and trustworthy boiler service. Bexley plumbing only employs Gas Safe installers and Engineers Domestic and commercial sub contractors who are trained in servicing and repairing boiler problems. Our diagnostic and safety checks will ensure that your boiler faults are identified and dealt with quickly and safely.


If you experience any of these problems call Bexley Plumbing, Tel: 0203 793 8337
Boiler replacement Sidcup 6

  • Boiler not producing adequate heat or hot water
  • If the boiler is leaking or dripping
  • If the boiler is making banging or whistling noises
  • Radiators not warming up
  • Pilot light keeps going out
  • If the boiler keeps losing pressure.


Annual servicing will help to prevent many problems call today to book yours :0203 793 8337